"Castle Climb Challenge" is a mini-level in LittleBigPlanet. It is set in The Gardens scheme of story levels. This level is a Race Level.
Castle Climb Challenge Logo

The logo for the "Castle Climb Challenge" level.

Gameplay Edit

"Castle Climb Challenge" is a simple level on LittleBigPlanet. Sackboy starts at the checkpoint and climbs a small wooden ramp. A race gate blocks the player's way until it is activated, and the race begins. All the player has to do is climb to the top of the castle and reach the race end gate. First, there are a series of see-saws to navigate. Once past the see-saws and up to the next level, the player has to grab circles of sponge material and swing to other circles until getting to the next level. Then, the next part is a mix of the previous two parts. The player must jump off the top of a see-saw and grab onto material, swinging to the other see-saw to reach the next level. The next segment is the same, only a little bit more difficult, with longer jumps to perform. The next and final part of the level requires the player to jump from cloud to cloud and jump up to where the race end gate is. The player can then finish the level.

Dialogue Edit

Upon beginning the level (up ramp towards start gate): (Text)

Welcome to the Castle Climb Challenge. Beat the timer and get to the finish post as fast as you can for that high score! Don't forget- collecting score bubbles will pause the timer and win you points!

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