Main Levels The Savannah
Friendliness Hazardous
Hazard Squish
Prize Bubble Location Burning Forest


The Crocodiles sit in the gassy areas snapping away at Sackboy in The Savannah. There is a large crocodile eating the long line of Buffalo in one of the areas from Burning Forest.

Crocodile Lunch
The crocodile getting ready to eat a Buffalo

Found InEdit

King Croc
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Main Levels The Savannah
Relations Crocodiles (Ruler)
Friendliness Hazardous
Prize Bubble Location The Collector's Lair

Croc KingEdit

King Croc is, well, the king of the Crocodiles. Meerkat Mum accuses King Croc of eating Stripy Tail and has her Meerkats attack him at the end of Burning Forest.

Found InEdit

Croc King Attacked
Croc King being attacked by the Meerkats