Don Lu
Main Levels The Wedding
Relations Frida (Engaged (The Wedding)
Frida (Married (The Canyons)
Don Lu's Dog (Pet)
Uncle Jalapeño (Uncle)
Friendliness Friendly
Prize Bubble Location The Collector's Lair


Don Lu is engaged to Frida the Bride in The Wedding and married to her in The Canyons.

He is trapped the dark corridors of The Darkness and, with the help of his dog, rescue him from its depths. By the time you have saved Don Lu, however, Frida still goes on a rampage with the Skulldozer because he is missing. At the end of Skulldozer, Frida realizes you have rescued Don Lu, the get married, and honeymoon in The Canyons where Don Lu's Uncle, Uncle Jalapeño lives.

He is captured by The Collector during Boom Town in The Canyons.

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