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Sackboy Showing off his movement skills

Sackboy is a fictional character that is controlled in the Video Game LittleBigPlanet for the Playstation 3.


Sackboy is very flexible, and has the ability to move almost any part of his body at your command. To change his facial expressions, simply press the arrows on the D-Pad. Pressing the arrows more than once will change the intensity of this expression, allowing you to have three different levels of each expression. The expressions and what buttons you can use to access them are as follows:

Sackboy's Emotions
D-Pad Right Angry
D-Pad Down Sad
D-Pad Left Worried
D-Pad Up Happy

In addition, you can also move Sackboy's head by tilting your controller. Please note that you must have a controller that has motion sensor capabilities in order to preform this function. Don't worry if you can't though, as all movements that Sackboy uses will not affect his physics calculations in any way, and they are never required to do in any task. You can also alternate between tilting his pelvis and his head by pressing the L3 button on your controller. Bust those Sackboy dance moves!

And if that still isn't enough, you can even move Sackboy's arms! To move his right hand, hold down the R2 button and tilt the right stick in the direction you want his right hand to move in. To move his left hand, hold the L2 button and tilt the left stick in the direction you want his left hand to move in. Sackboy's hand motions will also change, depending on what emotion you're Sackboy is currently using and how hard you hold down the L2 or R2 button.

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