"Tie Skipping" is a Mini-Level in LittleBigPlanet. It can be found in The Gardens level collection.

Logo for the "Tie Skipping" level.

Gameplay Edit

This level's gameplay is very simple, but gets harder the longer you stay alive in the level. "Tie Skipping" is one of many Survival Challenges found in LittleBigPlanet's main story level path. The level starts and gives you directions, and you fall down a small hole and wait for dissolve material to disappear. The player is then standing on a little platform, and a creature's tie swings around in a full 360 degree motion, making the player avoid the circle attatched to the bottom part of the tie so they don't fall into the deadly gas below. The longer the player stays alive in the level, the more points they collect. The tie spins faster and faster the longer the player stays alive as well, so the level gets harder until the player dies. Upon dying, they go back to the level checkpoint, positioned directly above the end level scoreboard. The level ends immediately after the player falls from the checkpoint.

Dialogue Edit

Upon beginning the level: (Text)

Welcome to Tie Skipping! Keep jumping over the King's tie- don't get knocked off! Survive and collect score bubbles for as long as you can before you die! Jump down the hole to begin!

Tie Skipping
Tie skipping
Sackboy braving the dangerous tie to score points